12 Days of Christmas 2017 - Day 10: [Guest Post] Give or Receive?

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Let me ask you a question. In this world, do you think Christmas is about giving or receiving? It’s totally about receiving, of course. But what about you? When it’s Christmas time, do you look forward to giving or receiving presents more? I’ve always loved giving, but who doesn’t like receiving?

I mean, we’re humans. We were born selfish. And we’re okay this way. It’s a natural part of our lifestyle, and we don’t need to change, right?

This is what Satan whispers to us, but that’s NOT how Christians should be. We are to take up our cross and deny ourselves. We are to put others’ needs above ourselves. We are to love our neighbors as we would love ourselves. We are to let go of our own wants. The Bible tells us, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

I know that I’ve been incredibly blessed by my own blog. While that may sound really strange, whenever I’m tempted to do something, I am reminded not only by Scripture but also by my own words, my own posts. It gives me the determination to live out those words and to not just be a sayer but a doer. I have been blessed by giving all of you my blog!

And this year...well, I don’t feel the need for presents anymore. Every since truly understanding the truth that there are less than well-off kids out there who maybe haven’t even received a single present in their lives, well, I can’t bring myself to buy things for my own want as easily as before. It touches my heart when I hear about people who don’t even have food for tomorrow! How can I buy unnecessary things when I know there are people who could use it more than me? So now, every time I go shopping and see something I “need,” the Holy Spirit reminds me about the needier people out there. The twenty dollars I could spend on a cute sweater could instead be used to get food for someone who desperately needs it. Even the ten dollars I want to use to buy some random cool thingamabobby could give a needy child a toy or a new shirt! The Holy Spirit has really been driving me to look for the needs of others. And I don’t want this all to become talk- I want to find a ministry I can donate to and get plugged in.

This Christmas season, I challenge you to reach out. There’s always someone who’s going to be lost. There’s always someone who you can help. Jesus came down - as a baby into a manger surrounded by stinky shepherds and animals - to save me, to save you. He was humbled and He also died on a cross so that we could come into a relationship with God. Jesus was the Son of God, but nothing stopped Him from coming down to die for us. God loved us sooooo much that He would send His own Son to die on a cross for us! He is God and we are sinners! How significant is that! And because He did all that for you, you can surely spare a couple of minutes to reach out to someone! Jesus died for you...He gave you everything you own. God has given us so much and we should follow His example and be generous with what we have been blessed with.

And there are people who need to hear this story. Don’t you want them to know about Jesus? Don’t you want them to hear the beautiful gospel story- the real Christmas story? It is never too late to become a Christian! Forget the past - God still loves you! Start fresh! And the Christmas season is a perfect time to give the gift of Jesus...to share the gospel story with a lost soul. You can do this. God will always be with you. It will be nerve-wracking at first, but once you do it once, the next time will be easier, the next time even easier, and so on until it comes naturally. I hear you, I, too, have fears and am trying to tackle this faith-sharing obstacle, just like you (or most of you). God will give you strength and courage. This is important, and I want you all to know that I will be praying for you, I love you all, and with all of my heart, I hope you will take this bit of advice and reach out.

Because giving is much better than receiving.

Emma is a teen Christian blogger who strives to encourage and strengthen others. She’s been blogging for less than a year, but God has shown her many things through this blogging process. Some of her hobbies including volleyball, reading, blogging (of course), but hanging out with family and friends definitely beats all of the above.

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