Music Monday - "Mechanical Planet" by VERIDIA

12:00 AM Kaitlyn You 0 Comments

Another VERIDIA song! "Mechanical Planet" is my top favorite. It's empowering, with an addicting rhythm and fierce message. 

Set in the perspective of regret, the first verse begins with:
I'm your regret I'll/make you forget all/you were made to be
How many times have you regretted something you've done, or something you didn't do? I've done it plenty of times. I've regretted not speaking up for an innocent person. I've regretted speaking harshly to that friend. I've regretted not spending my time better. Regret can kill you. It will make you hate who you are and wish for the moments you wasted. The danger of it is it can make you unsatisfied, fast, especially because often, there's nothing we can do to get those moments back. The chorus of the song goes like this:
I never want you to know/you were made for perfection/not created defective/on this mechanical planet/you were not made to be/just some broken machine/on this/mechanical planet
See, regret is Satan's whisper. He's the Prince of Lies, and he'll do anything he can to distract you and keep you from accepting the truth. Satan wants you to believe that you're defective, broken and worthless. He wants to keep you from clearly seeing who you are - who God made you to be. Friends, God made each and every one of you for a special purpose. You are not worthless; you are priceless. You are not hopeless; there is always hope. God created worth in you and a beautiful purpose; something only you can fulfill with His power.

Don't let this mechanical planet deceive you. You're not a broken machine; you were made for perfection!

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