Good Friday 2017

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Good Friday.

Why was it good? Wasn't that the day Jesus had to die? Shouldn't that be the day that Christians mourn and groan because of the invalidity of their faith? Wasn't God distraught when His innocent Son had to die this scandalous death? Shouldn't we forever feel guilty because it was our sin that nailed Him there? Wasn't that the day Satan won? Shouldn't it be named "Bad Friday?"


What made Good Friday so good was when Jesus died, He broke the barriers holding us back from a personal relationship with God.

What made Good Friday so good was when He cried, "It is finished," Jesus mended the broken relationship between God and Man.

What made Good Friday so good was when Jesus died on that cross, He died for YOU so that YOU could live in eternity with God. Jesus took your place so that you could be treated like Him. So instead of Jesus being glorified by the Father, the wrath of God was taken upon Him. He didn't deserve it at all. But He willingly died for sinful, selfish people. How often would someone die for a good person? And yet "Christ died for the ungodly" (Romans 5:6). Instead of us being punished, we now have the choice of salvation and being treated like Jesus was. We can be children of God. Because Jesus died in our place, we have a reason to live and we can have that personal relationship with the Lord. 

Now, you don't need to be afraid of death.

Now, you can have a personal relationship with the Father.

Now, because of this great love that Jesus demonstrated to us, we can share it with others so that it may transform their lives.

Good Friday. It is good because it is finished. Don't keep the good news to yourself - share it with someone!

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