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When you accept Jesus into your heart, you are transformed.

Jesus takes your fear and makes you unafraid.
Jesus replaces guilt and shame so that you're unashamed.
Jesus takes your brokenness and makes you unbroken.
Jesus gives you the courage to be unceasing in faith.
Jesus cleanses you from sin, making you undefiled.
Jesus unifies you with Himself and the body of Christ; undivided.
Jesus erases your loneliness and promises that you are unforgotten.
Jesus gives you a fire for Him so that you are unstoppable!

You are not just "one of those;" you are unusual!

God gives you a new life and recreates you, setting you apart from the world. Child of God, you are unique and precious to the Lord; created to be here for a greater purpose. To outsiders you may seem unusual, and that's okay because the way GOD sees you is chosen and holy. Never forget how precious and unusual you are!

1 Peter 2:9 -
But you are a chosen race, royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.
I love this verse because it reminds me of my true worth and purpose - I am chosen by God and I was created to share His excellencies to everyone around me. He called us out of the darkness of sin and into the Light, that is, the Christian walk of life. You have a great purpose and a unique identity, more important than any other task or label someone gives you. No more is your chain to sin. No more are you forsaken. You have been transformed to a child of God and you are worth so much. Do you know how amazing the word CHOSEN is? It means you were hand-selected by God. How cool is that? You're not just another face in the crowd - you are loved and cherished by God as a father loves his children. Even though God is a father to many children, He remembers each and every one of them; they are unforgettable to Him. Each one is precious.

Christ empowers us to be more than we can be by ourselves. In Him we are unusual. We don't blend in with others, and we weren't made to. Peter says we were called "out of darkness into his marvelous light." Though this earthly world is full of darkness, we who are saved are called to enlighten the world by God. And ultimately, this is just our temporary home. Our destiny is heaven. Those usual people follow the crowd and might get approval from the world, but those who are unusual - we the children of God - get our approval from the Creator of the universe. Although the Christian walk of life can be a struggle, remember that through Jesus you are made unafraid, unashamed, unbroken, unceasing, undefiled, undivided, unforgotten and unstoppable...unusual. I encourage you to live each day full of confidence that you are a chosen child of God. Share God's goodness with others. Live freely and live a life full of light. And don't forget your new identity in Christ.

Unusual just might be my new favorite word.

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