Music Monday - "Say A Prayer" by VERIDIA

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GUYS. I just found this band, and I literally can't stop listening to them. (Apologies to my sisters for playing it repetitively.) I think VERIDIA is my new favorite album. VERIDIA is a rock/alternative band with wholesome music. I first heard them on Air1 with "Pretty Lies," which was a decent song, but when I heard "Still Breathing" a few weeks ago, I was hooked. I looked them up, and it turns out they're a newer band. Formed in 2013, VERIDIA is made up of four members: Deena Jakoub (vocals), Brandon Brown (guitar), Trevor Hinesley (guitar), and Kyle Levy (drums). Wondering about the name? I did, too. VERIDIA is a combination of the words "veritas" (Latin for "truth") and "veridical" (also meaning "truth"), so, as Deena Jakoub says, "VERIDIA means 'of truth'" (Wikipedia). Pretty cool. :)

The big thing about VERIDIA, for me, that won me over is the combination of creativity in their songs (versus albums with songs that sound pretty much the same), infectious beats, clean and meaningful lyrics, and heart for God. Unlike most mainstream songs that have this level of musicality, VERIDIA has deeper, purer messages in their songs.

"Say A Prayer" is one of my favorites. Refreshing and encouraging, it's about remembering others who are in hard circumstances and praying for them. We can get so caught up about how "hard" our circumstances are that we forget how much harder others have it. "Say A Prayer" is a great reminder to pray for those who can't speak out. 

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